Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Doughnut Head!

My sweet Spunky is wearing one of those e-collars - plastic cone - because the skin on his face is delicate right now from his cancerous tumor. He has scratched his face with his back paw and the skin has come right off his cheek. While we're on vacation, I'm going to keep it on him the entire time, and my catsitter said she would take it off while he eats.

I got on the internet looking for an alternative. I'm going to try soft paws when we get home, but in the meantime, I made this collar with foam covered in fleece. I hot glued a cat's collar around the inner ring to make it go on easily.

Of course, it worked brilliantly when I fitted him with the foam. He could see better because it doesn't block his vision like the plastic cone. So, I added the fleece and the collar. Within 5 minutes of having it on, he figured out how to scratch his face! Back to the drawing board. Sorry, Spunk, looks like you'll be wearing the plastic cone!

I think this alternative would be great for preventing a cat from licking stitches, so I might have to make a few for my Etsy store!

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Sherrie said...

Love the cat beds!!!!!!!! What a great gift idea. How do you get your kitties to pose like that?