Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nothing Says Diva Like A Boa!

I had some time to spare this morning after dropping off Spunky at the vet's office for his cancer treatment, so I went to Garden Ridge.

I was disappointed to see that they are eliminating their party department. I worked in that department for a couple of years when the store first opened. I only worked part-time, and I spent everything I made in the store!

But, I was excited to see several huge bins full of party stuff 50% off! There were colorful boas - not just the feather kind, but the marabou boas too! My diva cat, Samoa, loves getting photographed in boas!

In her honor, I'm going to design a Diva line of beds edged with the beautiful marabou boas!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

If Phineas had one of those beds he would eat the boa. lol! He loves to drag them around the house and chew on the feathers. Perfect for Diva's like Luna though.