Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Winner in the Toy Giveaway!

Twenty-one cats left comments on the toy giveaway entry. Slips of paper were numbered 1 through 21, and they were randomly put in a circle.

Gleek takes a good look before making his choice!

The back paw chooses comment #13! Looks like that is Zack and Zoey's new favorite number!

Congratulations, Zack and Zoey - your new toy will be in the mail tomorrow. Thanks to all the kitties who entered, and a big thank you to Play-N-Squeak for the pawsome toy!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Handsome Mancats!

Yesterday there was a stroll on Catster for Calvin's birthday. A stroll occurs when cats tag their photos with certain words. Then you can see all the cats in the stroll in one place. It was a nice surprise for Calvin's first birthday since his journey to the bridge.

Here are a few of some handsome mancats modeling their Calvin collars.

Don't you love Milo's sweet face?

Timo is chillaxin!

Ozzy says, Don't mess with my Calvin Collar!

Nikolai proudly sports his nurse's Calvin collar.

Thanks to all of Calvin's pals who participated in the stroll - click here to see all his pals in the stroll.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Calvin's First Birthday at the Bridge

Today is Calvin's birthday. He would have been 19 years old. This picture is from his birthday last July.

Our family has not been the same since he left. He was the leader . . . . . . the gentle spirit that told all the others when it was time to eat, and when it was time to play. He was the most handsome cat with gorgeous green eyes that did all his talking. Those eyes made me melt!

His Catster pals started a special stroll of photos for his birthday - it was a nice surprise this morning, and of course, brought tears to my eyes.

I know Calvin is having a pawsome party at the Rainbow Bridge with all his angel pals. We love you, Calvin, and you will always be a bright light in our hearts!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Red Badge of Courage

My handsome mancat, Gleek, has been in the hospital with crystals. The other day he went in the litterbox and sat there for about 10 minutes - unable to pee. In case you have never dealt with a situation like this, it can be life threatening. I've read that cats can die in 24-48 hours if blocked.

I got him to the vet immediately, and sure enough, he was blocked with crystals. He had a catheter put in, and IVs to help flush his kidneys. His bloodwork indicated no problems with his kidney values, so we caught it before any kidney damage was done.

He had to spend the night at the hospital, and yesterday morning, his catheter had gotten twisted - he must have done a lot of dancing - so they took it out earlier than they wanted to. They wanted to observe him for awhile to make sure he was okay. He came home last night with special food and his red badge of courage!

He couldn't wait to get that bandage off so he could remove the stink! He is currently locked in our bedroom so I can monitor everything. He spent a lot of time last night in and out of the litterbox - peeing very small amounts.

I'm hoping he doesn't have to make a trip back to the vet's office over the weekend. He has lots of pals purring for him!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Product Review & Giveaway!

Today we are reviewing cat toys from Play-N-Squeak. We received two of their interactive toys: the Tethered & Feathered Play Wand, and the Bounce & Pounce Play Wand.

We decided to test one toy and have a giveaway for the other toy! Newman made the choice, and thought the Bounce & Pounce Play Wand looked like it would be fun.

The mouse has a little piece of plastic that you remove in order to get the squeaking started! Samoa thought the mouse was cute.

Vivien enjoyed batting at the mouse, and especially liked the realistic squeaking that happens when the mouse hits the floor.

Newman and Vivien took turns batting and catching the mousie!

Once the fun started, Gleek joined in and shouted, Wowza this toy is pawsome!

Newman jumped for joy over the Bounce & Pounce Play Wand! Four out of six cats give it a five paw rating. The other two cats were snoozing and didn't participate in the testing.

Here is what Play-N-Squeak says about their interactive toys:

Cats will love the realistic-looking furry creatures with their soft feather details, and the catnip stuffing is sure to enhance their playtime experience. Rounding out the multi-sensory encounter, the toys feature the superior technology of the realistic electronic “RealMouse™ Sound that the company has pioneered and perfected. The “squeak” that the toy emits has the same frequency and volume of a live mouse; so cats may actually believe they have caught a real mouse! All of the cat’s incredibly powerful senses will be focused on the sight, feel, sound and smell of these delightful Play Wands.

The Play-N-Squeak Play Wand line features attractive packaging designs, utilizing materials in the packaging and in the products that are completely recyclable. The toys in the Play Wand line include the “Bounce & Pounce™ Play Wand, the “DangleMouse™, the “Flick 'n Stick™ Play Wand and the “Tiger Teaser™ Play Wand. Each Play Wand features long-life batteries to ensure many hours of healthy interactive playtime together.

The Cat in the Clover is giving away the Tethered & Feathered Play Wand! All you have to do is leave a comment in this blog entry, and tell us why you would love to win this toy. You must leave contact information - either your Catster ID#, blog with contact info shown, or leave an email address.

Winner will be chosen by Newman from all eligible entries in some interesting way to be revealed when the winner is announced!

Entries must be received by July 20th!

Thank you, Play-N-Squeak, for the awesome toys!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Always in Fashion!

Being a California cat, Guido knows that the eyes of the fashion industry are on him. He models the many ways a Calvin Collar can be worn.

Flipped down . . . . . .

Flipped up . . . . . .

Or the very chic over the ear look . . . . . . .

Guido won his Calvin Collar in Catster's Buzzin into Spring photo contest. Would you be able to guess that the category for his big win was Bee-in Silly?

Congratulations, Guido! You wear it well!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July Birthday!

Violet and The Cat in the Clover wish you all a happy 4th of July! Violet knows everyone will be celebrating his 11th birthday with fireworks tonight! We just wish fireworks weren't so noisy!