Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Head is Spinning!

I'm working on the final stages of getting my Etsy shop up and running! The most difficult part is figuring out how much to charge for shipping. I had to buy boxes to ship the beds because the free large box the post office offers is too small, and I didn't want to squish the beds beyond recognition!

I'm living with a former math major, so he has helped me put all the possibilities into a spreadsheet. There are so many factors - where the bed is going, how much the box weighs, which item they are purchasing. It would be great if Etsy had a zip code/price calculator on their site, but they don't, and you have to list a shipping price.

I'm off to get a scale at Walmart, so that I can accurately determine the weight of the beds + box. I'm excited to open the store, and I hope everyone likes the beds! As Samoa would say, the Diva Collection is pawsome!