Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Calvin!

My sweetie Calvin is 17 years old today. He was my Aunt Phyllis' cat that I rescued from the humane society where he had been taken after she passed away six years ago. Everyone needs a cat like Calvin in their life. If you don't like cats, he would change your mind in about two minutes!

I love him so much, and I hope he lives a long time because I can't imagine my life without him.


Sharon said...

Laura, you are so lucky to have Calvin. Some animals are once in a lifetime, and that's what he is.

I hope it was a happy day for you both : )


Saucy said...

I really don't like cats, but if you say Calvin is THE CAT, well, then I'll take your word for it and tell him Happy Birthday, buddy!

Jenn: said...

I did not know Calvin was your Aunt's cat! You inherited quite the family over the last few years.
I hope he had a wonderful birthday and knows how lucky he is!!