Friday, July 18, 2008

Knee Deep in Fleece!

I've been working on getting some beds made before we go on vacation next week. I'm liking the way they look, and it's a good thing we already have wall to wall cat beds in this house, or I'd be tempted to keep them myself!

I'm thinking that I have the most ancient sewing machine and supplies known to woman. Don't they make some fancy cutter thingy that looks like a pizza cutter and you use a board underneath it? Why am I still using scissors?

And do they even sell pins anymore? I think I saw magnets once that hold your pattern to the fabric. And I'm sure they've updated the sewing machine since 1975 when I got mine!


Sharon said...

I think the pizza cutter thingy is just for quilting so you have get perfect squares. Magnets? I haven't seen those yet but I better look into it! I still use good old fashioned pins.

Personally I think you would be surprised how many women use old sewing machines. Mine isn't that old though. It's a Husqvarna from the mid 90's and it works great. Maybe that's because I don't use it much!

Good luck on your Etsy shop Laura!

Laura said...

Sharon - my sewing machine is a Sears Kenmore. I've never heard of a Husqvarna so it shows how behind the times I am on machines! I have a couple of really old sewing machines from an aunt - I don't use them, but they are cool!

Jenn: said...

Newer isn't always better!! Especially with machinery.
And how do you replace SCISSORS??