Thursday, November 13, 2008

Something for the Cat and Dog Moms!

My Etsy shop is expanding! Not only are there items for your cats and dogs, but now you can find some unique aprons with cat and/or dog designs!

The first apron in the shop is an adorable Christmas toile pattern in cranberry and beige featuring Santa Claus and his cat and dog helpers!

Get out of those sweatpants this holiday season, and feel flirty and special in this cute apron as you prepare the meals and decorate the house!

I'll be adding more aprons soon!


Pets Jubilee said...

Ooh, I love that fabric. I love Santa Claus so anything santa and pets is perfect in my book! Really cute apron too. What about a full apron? You know, with the part that goes over your head? I always get flour EVERYWhERE when I bake. I'm a messy baker.

Jenn: said...

What a unique pattern!! I love this!!