Thursday, November 27, 2008

Muppet Auction Item #31

Catnip Pillows
5 pillows to a set
5 sets to auction - top 5 bids will win!
Auction for this item ends on 11/30/08 (5:00 p.m. EST)
Bidding starts at $2

No, you're not seeing things - we've got more of these cool, crazy catnip pillows!

They are filled with Organic Kitty Korner Kolony Krazy Katnip - sure to please the catnip crazy cats in your house! The top five winning bidders will each receive 5 catnip pillows!

Thanks to Cai and her cats Spot, Haley, and Jones for the donation!

Stop by and visit Cai's Etsy Shop!


Christopher said...

If it's COOL it's MINE!


Camp Stanhope Happenings said...

I'll bid on a set of these for my 5 sibling-6 month old formerly-feral kittens (the three older ones just wait until the little ones are tired and have their own fun then). $7.00 too!! is our e-mail address and our blog is:

Lisa said...

This is really cool! The T's would love them! :) $7.00!!

Lisa said...

Oops ... my e-mail is

AMR said...

More, more, more!!


Teri said...

There are 4 of us so we each would get one. We also bid $7

Bailey, Tequila, Tia and Lola

Theresa Sheldon

mskitty said...

Wee wood lyk deez too, kin nebber habbz too mush ketty nip! Mum bids $10.00. Mum habbz ta pay fer deez iffin we win acuz wee habbent ah-stablesh enny cwedit!

Mum's eeemayle is

Christopher said...

I just got knocked out of the top 5 so I bid $10.01!

Laura said...

This auction has ended. I'll be getting in touch with the winner to let them know how to pay.