Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Muppet Auction Item #26

Cedar Ring Box
Auction for this item ends on 11/29/08 (5:00 p.m. EST)
Bidding starts at $6.00

This beautifully handcrafted cedar ring box is approximately 3" square and has a polyurethane finish and a brass hinge. The inside is lined with red felt. This is the perfect place to store your diamond rings - it will hold one large ring, or two small ones!

Thanks to Amy and Kittanna for the donation!


Sarah / Chauncey said...

I'll bid $7 on this one.

Laura said...


Amy, who donated the box, gets these from her mother (who makes them). She got the ring box from her today and it is 2" square rather than 3" - will hold one ring.

Sarah - since you're the only one who has bid so far on this item, you can retract your bid if you want to.

Laura said...

This auction has ended. I'll be in touch with the winning bidder to let you know how to pay.


Laura said...

Sarah - I need your email address please!

Laura said...


Numerous attempts to find you have come up empty handed (since you didn't leave an email address).

Therefore, I have paid the $7 so that Muppet's fund wouldn't be out the money. The ring box is now mine. Sorry, but I had no other choice!