Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Auction for Muppet!

This was Muppet then - when she was one of over 800 cats that lived in horrendous conditions at a Pahrump, Nevada facility called FLOCK - an organization that claimed to be a sanctuary, but in actuality was a living hell for the cats.

Best Friends Animal Society came in and saved hundreds of the animals who were able to be saved - many had to be euthanized because of their conditions.

Muppet was one of the lucky ones.

This is what she looks like today.

However, what you can't see is Muppet's ear condition. If pain medication ceases to help her, she will have to be euthanized. However, there is a very expensive surgery that can be performed to correct her problem.

A group on Catster has been formed to help fill Muppet's bucket. Almost half the money has already been donated by loving cat people. And we're going to have an auction to help raise more money.

And the auction is going to be on this blog - hopefully starting in a few days. So, please check back every day and bid on items to help Muppet!

I'll post details on how the auction will work. You can click on Muppet's picture on the left side of this blog to find out more information, and to donate to Muppet's bucket!

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A New England Life said...


What an incredible effort on your part to raise money for Muppet! You are a one of a kind lady, that's for sure!

Good thing you are so organized. Can you come organize me too? ; )