Friday, March 11, 2011

Poor Ollie!

Ollie is having his first birthday next week. Unfortunately for Ollie, his brother Teddy decided the birthday snooze sack looked pretty comfy!

We're all sending purrs to Ollie and hoping he gets sprung from the vet's office in time to enjoy his birthday party! He injured his paw and needs to heal in a quiet place.

Teddy - get ready to give up that snooze sack when your brother comes home! Happy Birthday, Ollie!


BeadedTail said...

Oh poor Ollie having to spend his birthday at the vets! We hope his paw gets better soon so he can get home to his snooze sack and birthday treats1

Ollie said...

Hmm I am stuck in jail and my beloved bro is comfy in my birthday pressie? Well, we will have to see about that!
Guess what? I am coming home today!!
Thank you for making me feel special,
Auntie Laura! Orange smooches, Ollie