Monday, March 21, 2011

Knead On!

Is your cat a kneader? There is something so precious about watching a cat knead. I guess because it is comforting to them. It takes them back to their kittenhood when they kneaded on their Mommy's belly before nursing.

I recently made some kneading blankies for the shop. These can be used to protect a favorite chair, sofa, or bed where your cat likes to nap. Or it can be placed on your lap if your kitty is a lap cat. Made from fleece, these kneading blankies are the most pawsome place to knead!

Here is handsome Tigger chillaxin on his kneading blankie.

When my cat, Calvin, joined Catster, he started an I Knead You group. The group has 784 members - all cats that like to knead (and a few that drool while they knead!).

As Calvin would say . . . . . . knead on . . . . . .

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