Monday, March 21, 2011

Plastic Bag Caddy!

Plastic bags . . . . . gotta have them by the hundreds when you own cats! They are my item of choice when it comes to cleaning out litterboxes. I know it isn't in to request plastic bags when you're in the stores, but it is one way to recycle them!

My friends save them for me . . . . one friend even mails them to me! And they get jammed in the closet and look terrible! Not anymore, because I'm now carrying a plastic bag caddy in the Etsy shop!

These storage bags will hold a lot of plastic bags - big opening at the top to stuff them all in, and a smaller opening at the bottom to allow one bag to be dispensed at a time!

This is the purrfect item for showing off some cute cat fabric! You can organize and be stylish at the same time!

Gleek checks out the bag caddy and says it is a pawsome idea!

Be sure to check them out - I'll be adding more in the weeks ahead!

1 comment:

BeadedTail said...

That's a great idea! Love the fabric choices too! Good job inspecting them Gleek!