Friday, August 20, 2010

Angel Sammie

The second Cat Angel from my Etsy shop is a very special kitty friend named Sammie. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Sammie's journey to the Rainbow Bridge due to liver lymphoma.

Sammie lived with his family from the time he was just a kitty until he was almost 17 years old! He and his Mom had a very special bond, and they enjoyed their daily walks to the garden to check out the catnip!

I love this photo of Sammie for several reasons. Mainly because he was such a handsome mancat with a beautiful, gentle face. I also smile when I see it because he is laying on a blankie that I crocheted.

Your family will never forget you, Sammie!


BeadedTail said...

Sammie was very handsome and my thoughts are with his family for this one year anniversary of him crossing the Bridge. His angel kitty is very sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Laura
could you get a hold of me on FB as I have a special request about Angel Kitties if I may??

Anonymous said...

My Momma is crying, thanks for the lovely post. I just love the angel kitty of Sam, thanks to the wonderful Cat in the Clover!
Sammie & Family