Friday, July 16, 2010

Red Badge of Courage

My handsome mancat, Gleek, has been in the hospital with crystals. The other day he went in the litterbox and sat there for about 10 minutes - unable to pee. In case you have never dealt with a situation like this, it can be life threatening. I've read that cats can die in 24-48 hours if blocked.

I got him to the vet immediately, and sure enough, he was blocked with crystals. He had a catheter put in, and IVs to help flush his kidneys. His bloodwork indicated no problems with his kidney values, so we caught it before any kidney damage was done.

He had to spend the night at the hospital, and yesterday morning, his catheter had gotten twisted - he must have done a lot of dancing - so they took it out earlier than they wanted to. They wanted to observe him for awhile to make sure he was okay. He came home last night with special food and his red badge of courage!

He couldn't wait to get that bandage off so he could remove the stink! He is currently locked in our bedroom so I can monitor everything. He spent a lot of time last night in and out of the litterbox - peeing very small amounts.

I'm hoping he doesn't have to make a trip back to the vet's office over the weekend. He has lots of pals purring for him!


JC said...

I'm so sorry but glad you caught it early. My Ashton, who could be a twin for your Gleek, also had problems a few years ago. He hasn't had any since then ... paws crossed that both our boys are well now.

Dude Kitteh said...


that's one pawsum badge, but eye am like ewe...get it offa N calvin N spunk will be watchin over for a few days...we will make sure ewe R safe N crystal free =^..^= peace out N rock on buddy...dude K

A New England Life said...

Oh Laura, I hope he'll be okay. That doesn't sound good that he's still peeing small amounts. Poor baby, give him a kiss from me.

BeadedTail said...

Poor Gleek! We hope he gets better soon and are sending purrs his way! He is certainly a very handsome mancat by the way!

Mietzi said...

My what big paws you have, Gleek. Don't worry. It probably hurts him to "go", that why there are small amounts.

Praying for your brave boy,
Mietzi and Timo
and Mom Sonja

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oh Gleek, we are so glad you got better! Our Brighton had a blockage too, from blood and mucus, no crystals but he almost can read about him on our blog