Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Product Review & Giveaway!

Today we are reviewing cat toys from Play-N-Squeak. We received two of their interactive toys: the Tethered & Feathered Play Wand, and the Bounce & Pounce Play Wand.

We decided to test one toy and have a giveaway for the other toy! Newman made the choice, and thought the Bounce & Pounce Play Wand looked like it would be fun.

The mouse has a little piece of plastic that you remove in order to get the squeaking started! Samoa thought the mouse was cute.

Vivien enjoyed batting at the mouse, and especially liked the realistic squeaking that happens when the mouse hits the floor.

Newman and Vivien took turns batting and catching the mousie!

Once the fun started, Gleek joined in and shouted, Wowza this toy is pawsome!

Newman jumped for joy over the Bounce & Pounce Play Wand! Four out of six cats give it a five paw rating. The other two cats were snoozing and didn't participate in the testing.

Here is what Play-N-Squeak says about their interactive toys:

Cats will love the realistic-looking furry creatures with their soft feather details, and the catnip stuffing is sure to enhance their playtime experience. Rounding out the multi-sensory encounter, the toys feature the superior technology of the realistic electronic “RealMouse™ Sound that the company has pioneered and perfected. The “squeak” that the toy emits has the same frequency and volume of a live mouse; so cats may actually believe they have caught a real mouse! All of the cat’s incredibly powerful senses will be focused on the sight, feel, sound and smell of these delightful Play Wands.

The Play-N-Squeak Play Wand line features attractive packaging designs, utilizing materials in the packaging and in the products that are completely recyclable. The toys in the Play Wand line include the “Bounce & Pounce™ Play Wand, the “DangleMouse™, the “Flick 'n Stick™ Play Wand and the “Tiger Teaser™ Play Wand. Each Play Wand features long-life batteries to ensure many hours of healthy interactive playtime together.

The Cat in the Clover is giving away the Tethered & Feathered Play Wand! All you have to do is leave a comment in this blog entry, and tell us why you would love to win this toy. You must leave contact information - either your Catster ID#, blog with contact info shown, or leave an email address.

Winner will be chosen by Newman from all eligible entries in some interesting way to be revealed when the winner is announced!

Entries must be received by July 20th!

Thank you, Play-N-Squeak, for the awesome toys!


Kitty Ingen & Jen said...

It looked like you was all havin a good time wif the toy. Jen has a hard time findin toys that I likes to play wif.
So far she has only found one kinda toy I likes to play wif. Baby & Mr. Spot likes all kinda toys so even if I don' like it the other kitties would play wif it.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

mEwOWzA! We think we would luvs these squeeky mousies on a stick! And mewmie says she likes the thicker cord they are on, rather than string. We'd luv 2 Win!

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like great fun, our whole crew loves feather and mousie toys!!


Pooh and the Carolina Crew

Anonymous said...

I would like to win the tethered and feathered play wand. I need a new toy cuz Macy loses,destroys,hides and otherwise monopolizes the other toys. Plus, I could use to lose a little weight. I would rather play with a new toy then diet paws down.
Thanks Newman,
Molly 57585

Anonymous said...

It's Rufus the Ragdoll, Samoa's #1 dreamboat, and I would furry much like to win this super magical toy.

Thank you, Cat in the Clover, for the chance to win!

Charlie, Leo, and Lucy said...

I would love to win this toy! Everyone says I am very "feisty" and even my vet says I am a high-energy, easily bored kitty who needs lots and lots of interactive playtime! I love new toys! I especially love wand toys that I can drag around and taunt Leo and Lucy with! I hope I win! Pick me, Newman, pick me!


Minko said...

I, Minko love to play with my meeses, they is all over the hose in various states of manglement...A squeeky one would just be way too cool! I would beg meowmy to play all the day long...MOL! And Pipo would probably find it way more fun than chasing his tail!!
Winning this toy would be so much fun, we could maybe even teach meowmy to use the video feature on her camera...MOL!
Thanks furry much fur this catpurrtunaty...

Purrs, Minko and more purrs from my brofur, Pipo

Nük / Anük said...

Wow, that looks furry cool.
Want! - because it looks like the perfect toy to take my Ancho induced anxiety on. (Oh... and Gabby *needs* it for exercise!)

Anonymous said...

We woulds love to has one of these toys. Mommie says I coulds use the exercise, and her thinks that the rest of the familys would loves to plays with it toos!! Purrrs, Little Coqui


Maus and family said...

Birdie and Gabi got really excited when they saw a picture of the toy! They love all kinds of string and wand toys, especially Birdie, who will walk around the house with one in her mouth and make all sorts of trills and chirps. She especially likes to do that in the wee hours of the morning but, for whatever reason, the humans don't like that too much! mol :o)


Anonymous said...

If it's Newman & Gleek approved I know that I'll love it too. Plus feathers are awesome!! And I need to work on exercising everday, so this would help.

Thanks for giving us a chance to win one!!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! How lucky you were to be able to review toys! I think I would be able to give a pawtastic review of the other toy!



Zoey and Zack said...

We love love love wand toys!! They are fun and give cats a good workout. Mommy too! We've never seen these toys before and Newman and Family, you make them look like so much fun.

Very cool of Play-N-Squeak to have you test them and of you to share.

Zoey and Zack


BeadedTail said...

The four of you did a great review! We'd love to win the other play wand because every night our daddy plays with us before bed and this looks purrfect for us to chase and then dream about all night long! Thank you for the opportunity!

Angel & Isabella
beadedtail at yahoo dot com

missmoppet said...

That does look fun. I think we can tell it from a real mouse squeak, but if you send it over, we can do a side by side comparison and let you know the results.

Jezebel said...

I'd love to win this toy. I love mousies and I love toys on sticks!

Anonymous said...

This toy is soooo pawsome!
I love this toy! Looks so much fun to play with and looks like the furs are having a pawsome time.
I promise to share with my brofur if I win.
Thank you Cat in the Clover for doing this.


Happy Purrs,
Skippy Skipster

amilyn said...

I love the Play N Squeak toys! Have had a few of their items. I'd like to win it for the "fosters". I now have the one approx. 3 months old and just got one maybe 2 months. Hoping to capture a third this weekend. Chiara (the oldest) is VERY active and would love this!!

Teebo and the Girls Mom said...

Looks like a fun toy. Rose really likes wand toys, and who knows, maybe I could get Teebo and Callie to play too!

Oliver and Dewey said...

WOW!!! Dem toys look like dey wood be alotta funs!!!

Sally said...

Mom says I'm on a diet and I have ta loose a few ounces. I love mouses that squeek. I would love to toy test the other wand toy. It would be purrfect for loosing weight. I would let my siblings test a bit too.
And I LOVE the photo of Gleek screaming and Newman jumping, OMC what a cool photo.
Sally 1030268