Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not Just for Cats!

This handsome hunk is Howie! Howie isn't afraid to risk his manliness by wearing a Calvin Collar! When he isn't begging for treats or snoring at naptime, Howie is the assistant in his Mama's art studio!

His Mama is the very talented Nancy Medina! She is one of my favorite people I've never met! She was kind enough to surprise me with this gorgeous painting of Calvin. I was so touched by this special gift, and it will proudly hang in my sewing room when I get it framed.

Be sure to check out Nancy's blog where you will drool over the flowers she brings to life on canvas! Thank you, Nancy, and Howie, for this beautiful painting!

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Nancy Medina said...

LOL! Oh look how handsome he is. Howie actually loves kitties, and tries to give the siamese next door baths when he sees him. Thank you for the beautiful holiday collar, he is going to wear it to Gramma's house for Christmas. I'm so glad you liked the painting of Calvin, your sweet angel.