Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In Memory of Skeezix

The one and only Skeezix!  We met him on Catster, and we fell in love with his humor, his style, his knowledge, his good looks, and his vocabulary.  He was one special cat who touched so many lives.

He wasn't afraid to wear pink, or ride in a car, or stroll in his stroller.  He was a little afraid of vishus deer, but he was very brave to alert cats about the vishusness of deer!

We are proud to be FOS (Friends of Skeezix)!  He made us laugh, and when he journeyed to the bridge, we cried.  We know how deeply loved he was by his Food Lady, Mr. Tastyface, and his siblings.  He was deeply loved by all of us too.

Rest in peace, Skeezix.  You are always in our hearts, and whenever we see a pink sky, we will think of you!


da tabbies o trout towne said...

N if de sky terns pink itz coz skeezix haz everee one at RB wearin it....proud lee....this bee a awesum post ta him N 18 cents anda sack oh fries says him N calvin N taz iz at de bowlin al lee meowin bout old times rite now....wooo gutterz ball; roll again....XOXO

The Florida Furkids said...

Skeezix was a cool ManCat. We will really miss him.

The Florida Furkids

David John said...

It's Fantastic