Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm happy to announce that The Cat in the Clover has just sponsored our 6th cat at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary!

When Calvin made his journey to the bridge back in October of 2009, I started making Calvin Collars in his memory. For every 25 sold, I sponsor an orange cat in Calvin's memory.

In 2009, Cheeze and Sebastian were sponsored. In 2010, Homer, Sunny, and Yellowstone were sponsored. Saigon is the first kitty for 2011, and I hope we can sponsor four cats this year.

Thank you to all our pawsome friends who have purchased and proudly worn a Calvin Collar. It makes my heart happy!

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Here is what Best Friends says about Saigon:

Is it safe to come out? If you'd survived the horrors of Hurricane Katrina, you might be hesitant to face the real world again, too. And if, like Saigon, you're a feral cat, the world becomes that much scarier. It's hard enough to survive when you're a feral, but when your whole world's disappeared, it's almost impossible.

Born in 2002, Saigon's not only handsome, but he's also very fortunate -- he was saved from the ruins. He originally went to a good Siamese rescue. However, he was loathe to leave his feral ways behind, and didn't adjust well there. So, he came to Best Friends, where we have comfortable, roomy areas set up for feral cats. Here, they can be just who they are, but safe from the dangers of life on the streets. Saigon is settling in well. He watches everything closely, but doesn't bolt away. He's even slowly getting to know his caregivers. With time, and all the space that he needs, Saigon may decide to give his trust fully to humans.


BeadedTail said...

It's so wonderful that you sponsor so many kitties! Saigon is very handsome and we're glad he's got a safe place to be himself too!

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

This is so meaningful and warms our hearts that Calvin lives on by helping other orangey kitties. Best Friends is amazing and Teri hopes to visit there someday and volunteer when she retires...