Monday, January 31, 2011

Boyfriend Delivers!

Tessa was excited to receive a package from her boyfriend, Mittens! Mittens did his Valentine shopping at The Cat in the Clover!

Don't be shy, Tessa! You look beautiful!

Mittens is a pawsome boyfriend!


BeadedTail said...

What a sweet boyfriend Mittens is! Tessa looks very pretty in her Calvin Collar!

Starchy said...

OMC! Tessa's featured on THE Cat in the Clover blog? She's a star now! *proud* *beaming*

Thanks for featuring her! She loves her collar and looks sooooooooo cute in it! (I just wish she'd cooperate more with posing for pics)!

And thanks for making such awesome cat stuff!

Sam and Mittens :) said...

Meowsas!Tessa looks hot! :) Mittens was happy to bling out his lady and we love the Cat in the Clover!!!!

Tessa's famous!