Friday, February 26, 2010

My Special Calvin

Calvin was certainly loved by so many Catster friends. When he journeyed to the bridge, two of those friends made a donation in his name to Best Friends Animal Society. Ted and I also made a donation in his memory. In addition to being contacted via email by Best Friends, they also send a lovely certificate. We received them last week.

And I also got a nice note from The Kentucky Veterinary Medical Foundation letting me know that the doctors and staff of Crestwood Veterinary Hospital made a donation to honor Calvin's memory. I was so touched that they did something so special for my sweet Calvin.


BeadedTail said...

What a wonderful way to honor Calvin's memory! It's nice of the vets to donate too!

Christopher said...

You are Sunshine to my whole would be my brother Biscuit (Angels) birthday...and I want to spread some Sunshine to you like you have to my family.

Come and get your SUNSHINE right here!!!

A New England Life said...

How touching Laura. It's still hard to believe Calvin has journey'd to the bridge. Sweet Calvin. I know you miss him every day.