Friday, May 1, 2009

Timo's Fluffy Floof!

Timo is an Iowa Hawkeye fan! He was a winner in a Catster group contest, and several of the winners received gifts from my Etsy shop. Two kitties got a Floof Collar, and I was told it didn't matter which kitty received the different colored floofs.

You can imagine how excited Timo was when his gold and black floof arrived - Iowa Hawkeye colors! Woo hoo - he has a purrfect collar to wear when he is cheering on his team!

And Timo is a very handsome model too!

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BeadedTail said...

Black and gold - isn't that the Colorado Buffalo's colors? Hee hee! Timo is a very handsome model and looks pawesome in his new collar!