Monday, April 20, 2009

Auction to Help a Catster Family

There is an on-line auction that is being done by a Catster group to help raise funds to rehome 15 kitties in Tennessee who are victims of the economic crisis and some tragic personal events.

All the cats are extremely well cared for and healthy. Their owner had previously been registered as a rescue, but is not currently. They live on acreage that provides a comfortable home for the 30 cats involved.

You can read more about their story, and check out the great auction items here! You can bid on items in the comment section for each item listed. Please leave an email contact with your bid amount. Instructions are included at the blog.

Thank you for checking it out!

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Phyllis said...

Hey Laura,

I'm up bright and early today (a change from my non-routine) and will check out this auction.

So many animals are affected by the hard times as well.

Thanks for posting about this to let me and others know! Have a great day!!