Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flying Off the Shelves!

My cats love to play with milk rings! I decided to create a toy I'm calling the Ring-a-Ding using the plastic rings that come off milk and orange juice containers.

The first few were created using fleece, but then a friend suggested crocheting around them with yarn! I liked that idea even better because there are so many fun yarns out there!

The Ring-a-Ding trio of toys went in the shop yesterday, and they are one hot, hot item!

Newman was my toy tester for the revised design. He said it was softer on his mouth than the prickly edged plain 'ole boring plastic, and he gave it a five paw rating!

Sold out in two days! I have friends saving me milk rings cause a gal can only drink so much milk and orange juice in a day!


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

they are a super idea and so glad they are a hit...they are on our shopping list, mol

A New England Life said...

You are one creative gal Laura, I'll give you that! Great product!

And by the way, when isn't Newman the tester? ; )