Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grandma Would Cry!

Being a fan of thrift stores and antique hunting, I've come across so many beautiful linens that once graced the homes of my grandparents' generation. I've been particularly interested in the pretty hankies, and I've purchased quite a few with the intention of doing something with them.

Some of them are pretty enough to frame which I plan to do. And some of them make a cat's neck look spiffy! This is a prototype that Samoa and Newman are modeling. It is held on their neck by velcro and is very comfortable. It has a row of rick rack across the top.

Newman thinks he looks like a sissy wearing a big pink rose, but I think he looks yummy cute! Be looking for these Hankie Collars in my Etsy shop!


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oooh, Teri loves these and will be watching your shoppe! She dresses us up all the time!

A New England Life said...

Newman, Phin says you DO look like a sissy. He's glad he doesn't have to wear a flower around his neck. BUT if you do have to wear one at least it's a pretty flower ; )

Samoa, what a lady.

Christy Lee said...

I couldn't put those on my cats if I tried...sigh...but I do think they're adorable! Moe would attack me, Panther would run away, and Yoda would throw up. I think the stuff you make is so neat though!
Take care!
Christy Lee
*~Petals and Pine~*

Phyllis said...

Hey Laura,

Thanks for stopping by my place for a little visit and leaving a comment.

I think these hankie collars are such a great idea, and you're right about all those linens being given away. But don't think of it that way, think of all those pretties out there just waiting for folks like you to find them and make them into something appreciated!

Have a great day - love your blog banner and animation - adorable!!!