Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Buzzin' Into Spring Contest!

This pawsome photo contest is open to all Catster members (International included)! There are three fun categories to enter. All entries must be real pictures of real cats! Photos will be judged on the “Ahhh factor” as it relates to the category.

Entrants must be cats and must have either a Catster profile page or their own blog

One entry per household per category

Photoshopped or fake pictures will not be eligible for prizes


Bee-in Cute

Grand Prize - Morgan's Bee Bed, One year Catster Plus Membership, Laser Bee, Skull Toys, Buzzin’ Hedgehog, Temptations, and a couple of surprises for the winner’s parent, including a pawtographed Homer’s Odyssey Book

2nd Place - Bee Crate Pad, Buzzin’ Duck, Temptations, surprise for the parent

3rd Place - Bee Crate Pad, Buzzin’ Bunny, Temptations, surprise for the parent

Bee-in Silly

Grand Prize – Hello Kitty Gift Set with items for winner and family (Calvin Collar - Hello Kitty, Ring-a-Ding toys, Hello Kitty Egg with surprise cat toys inside, Hello Kitty Surfin Splash Sprinkler, Hello Kitty Wristlet Key Fob, Hello Kitty Notepad, Hello Kitty Backpack Clip, plus extra Hello Kitty surprises) + 100 Catster Zealies and a pawtographed Homer’s Odyssey Book

2nd Place – Calvin Collar – Two Bees and Ring-a-Ding toys

3rd Place – Calvin Collar – Buzzy Bee and Ring-a-Ding toys

Bee-in with my Best Friend
(animal, human, or toy allowed as best friend)

Grand Prize – The Cat in the Clover Snooze Sack and Ring-a-Ding toys, Catster T-shirt, pawtographed Homer’s Odyssey Book, surprise goodies

2nd PlaceBee Keeper Hat from Hazel Lucy Tranquility Blankets

3rd PlaceWhat’s the Buzz Collar from Hazel Lucy Tranquility Blankets

Each participant will also be given a link to a Buzzin’ into Spring certificate that can be downloaded to print and a page badge that can be added to their Catster page!


Upload photo to your Catster page. Tag the photo by going into Photos/Manage Photos. To the right of your uploaded photo, there is a box to tag a picture. It currently has the word cat in the tag area. Tag the photo according to the category you are entering:

Bee-in Cute: BIS Cute
Bee-in Silly: BIS Silly
Bee-in with my Best Friend: BIS Friend


Contest begins on Tuesday, May 25th and runs through midnight, Catster time, on Tuesday, June 8th.


Michael Kloth, Michael Kloth Photography – famous pet photographer

Kate Benjamin, creator of Modern Cat blog – a resource for cat owners with a modern style

Homer the Cat and his owner, Gwen Cooper, author of Homer’s Odyssey


Morgan’s Beds

The Cat in the Clover

Hazel Lucy Tranquility Blankets


Here are some of the pawsome prizes for the winners!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Saluting Tate!

Tate is getting ready for the Memorial Day weekend by sporting his red, white, and blue Calvin Collar!

He is proud to be an American kitty!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not a Baby Any More!

This pretty dilute calico is Callista, better known as Baby G! She will be celebrating her 10th birthday on Sunday!

The baby blue of her Calvin Collar sure looks pretty on this baby! Happy birthday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moozer the Pirate!

Handsome mancat Moozer with the cute little black nose got a birthday present from his girlfriend - a pirate Calvin Collar! He will know just where to find the buried treasure when he looks at the treasure map button on his collar!

Arrrrrrrrr . . . . . . . .

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a Prince!

Handsome mancat Prince celebrated his 8th birthday a couple of days ago. His Calvin Collar was a birthday present from his Mommy.

I'm sure he LOVES the collar, but I wouldn't be too sure about that hat! Eight is great, Prince!

Robby Jay!

He might be embarrassed on the outside, but you know Robby Jay feels like a real mancat on the inside!

All the single ladies are saying M-E-O-W-Z-A!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday!

My beautiful supermodel, Samoa, is celebrating her 10th birthday today! Since today is May 10th, it is considered her Golden Birthday!

She shares her birthday with our friend Louis LeBeau's Gotcha Day! Isn't he the most handsome mancat?

Happy Birthday, Samoa! We love you! And Happy Gotcha Day, Louis! I know your family is happy they've got you!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

These three handsome mancat brothers know how to make their Mom smile on Mother's Day!

Here is sweetie Jacob

and his brother, Orvis

and their older brother, Taz (who affectionately refers to his Mom as the old WS - wicked stepmom!)

Happy Mom's Day to all the cat Moms (and dog Moms too)!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Birthday Girl!

Happy 15th birthday to pretty Sandy! One of her birthday presents from her Mommy is a Calvin Collar. It has a special heart shaped nurse button on it.

Sandy was a pawsome nurse when her Mommy wasn't feeling good, so this is a great collar for her! I think cats are the best medicine when you're not doing your best. They have a keen sense of your moods!

Wishing you a special birthday, Sandy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Vivien, and all of us at The Cat in the Clover, wishes you a happy Cinco de Mayo!

Bring on the chips and salsa!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mexican Cat Dance!

To get you in the mood for tomorrow! Enjoy!