Monday, August 31, 2009

The Invisible Sign

We have a sign in our yard only visible to stray cats. It says:

Show up, look skinny, act hungry, be friendly.
You'll find a home!

This is the newest front porch visitor. I'm calling her Little Black Kitty. She is going to the vet today to determine if she is a he or he is a she! I want to make sure that if he is a she, there are no more kittens brought into this world - there are enough already!

The kitty doesn't have a name because we all know if you give the cat a name, he is yours to keep. I've already acquired six that way, and unfortunately, I can't take on a 7th.

If you are in the Louisville area, and would love a friendly, lap cat that needs to be an inside kitty, please contact me!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I Vant To Suck Your Blood!

I got a very unusual request a week or so ago for one of the stray cats I make for my Etsy shop. The lady is a good customer of mine, and she has a cat-loving daughter who is going to college. Her daughter is a huge fan of the Twilight series of books. She requested a cat that incorporated the daughter's favorite character - Edward Cullen.

How in the world was I going to make a vampire inspired cat that resembled a hunk in the movies? Here is what I designed!

It just happened that this is Stray Cat #13! He resembles Edward in his slender body and pale fur that glistens in the sunlight. He has bronze hair, and his topaz eyes are starting to turn dark which happens when he consumes blood! He has high cheekbones and a crooked smile, and proudly wears his family's crest around his neck.

He sits on a base that incoporates the covers from all four books:

Apple from Twilight
Ruffled tulip from New Moon
Broken red ribbon from Eclipse
Chessboard from Breaking Dawn

Her daughter will have nothing to fear with this kitty around!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

World Cat Day!

Today is World Cat Day! My cats think every day is World Cat day, but apparently today is the day!

My cats are the lucky ones. There are so many that need adoption, so many strays, so many feral cats. Please be a responsible pet owner, and have your cats (and dogs) spayed or neutered.

If you have a cat, hug him today and be thankful that you share your life with one of these magnificent creatures!

If you don't have a cat, what are you waiting for?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Batter Up!

I know there are some Catster kitties who will flip when they see this NY Yankees snooze sack because they are huge fans! The snooze sack is reversible, washable, and super cuddly!

It's available in my Etsy shop!